SMBs Narrow Down Financial Tech Providers

Forty-eight percent of small and midsize businesses use one technology supplier for accepting payments, processing payroll, issuing invoices and doing their accounting, according to a new survey, while 34 percent use two or more suppliers for their financial technology.

The survey, from Sage North America and, found U.S. small and medium businesses are relatively slow to adopt payments technology, with 60 percent of those surveyed saying their highest area of technology adoption is for managing the payroll process. Sixty-four percent of the SMBs that are not currently prepared to accept EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) chip-based payment cards have no plans to do so.

Electronic invoicing is gaining adoption as 31 percent of SMBs use electronic invoicing. Of those SMBs, 20 percent can also accept payments electronically. Forty-six percent of the surveyed SMBs cited not getting paid on time as the most frustrating thing related to receiving payments from customers.

Source: Payroll News

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